Comments from Customers

Received 8-26-15
From: don m****
Subject: driving season

Message Body:
have to say that after driving this year in the heat..this water pump on my 67 mustang 200 6 cyl,with 3 weber carbs,header and bigger cam..worked great.with the stock pump at stop lights you can see the water gauge shoot up..this pump never above 180 degrees..thats fantastic..thats a 20 degree differance..thats huge…thanks much..

Received 9-8-15
From: Justin j*********
Subject: Not So Much…Feeling Mislead

Message Body:
I bought a water pump from you for a couple of reasons. The lesser reason was a performance one. The greater reason was in your “about us” tab it talks about how you make them in CA. I wanted a USA made pump, I was significantly surprised and disappointed when the front of my pump says Japan. I paid a lot for this pump and feel mislead. You need to change the “about us” to to say you assemble stuff in CA from abroad.

The majority of our customers contact us because they need to cool their engines. It is our impeller design that generates the flow rates and provides the block pressure they need.

Our aluminum comes out of Los Angeles, we machine in Paso Robles, anodized in Fresno and assembled again in Paso Robles. Operating a foundry in California (in the US for that matter) would drive the price of the water pumps out of reach for most of our customers.

I appreciate the comment and wish more people were willing to pay more for 100% US made products. We introduced a rebuild service primarily for numbers matching car owners and/or obsolete castings. The cost is generally more and the lead time is a few weeks longer. You are welcome to send us a US made casting and we will rebuild it with our US made impellers.

Received 9-16-15
From: Greg H*****gh gh*****
Subject: 1992 Jeep XJ

Message Body:
I had problems with overheating here in Reno Nv especially during the hot dry summer months. Installed your water pump and the temperature went down immediately! I just wanted to take the time to tell you what a great product you have! Keep up the great work!


From: chris o****n <co****>
Subject: Land Cruiser pump

Message Body:
Do you do a water pump for 1970 Toyota Landcruiser 1-F style cast iron pump.
Your pump on my 1969 chevy chassis mount camper works great, I could drive it through hell with the air on and it won't get over 
195 degrees. Not bad for a 496" stroker big block pulling 18,000lb combined weight.