Custom Copper Heater Cores to Replace Aluminum & Plastic

Coolant Dripping for failed heater coreWhen people called complaining that their aluminum and plastic heater core was failing prematurely due to vibration, electrolysis and poor production quality we heard a common complaint; "sure my aftermarket aluminum heater core cost 50 bucks but I paid for 11 hours of labor to drain my fluids, remove my dash, install it and replace all my fluids." When the repair bill is over a 1,000 dollars and it happens a second time a year later people get more than mad.  It is even worse if the person manages a fleet of vehicle like the police force of a major metropolitan area or a taxi cab company and downtime matters. We originally entered the heater core market producing one-off or hard to find copper and brass heater core replacements for heater cores that are obsolete like a 1987 Mercedes Diesel heater cores or prone to early failure like a 1998 Ferrari 456 heater cores. When the word got out we began getting calls for newer heavy use vehicles like Crown Victoria Police Interceptor heater cores and modern farm tractors, school buses and other industrial vehicle heater cores. We also replace heater cores in performance cars like the newer Ford Mustang. How do we do it better?
  • We make our own cores and fabricate our own tanks we can work in batch sizes of one or fifty or five hundred
  • We use copper and brass so our heater cores are less prone to electrolytic actions or stress failure than the aluminum alternative
  • We use copper for our heater cores because copper has twice the BTU transfer rate of aluminum making it an even makes a better heat exchanger
  • We focus on the product first to assure the heater core will outperform the OEM and aftermarket
  • We make it here in the United States and we make it to last
Contact us directly if you are looking for a one-off vehicle or contract production for your company or fleet.