Spal Fans

Why SPAL Fans?

SPAL designs, produces and markets an extensive range of high performance electric axial cooling fans and FlowKooler distributes them all over the world because we use the SPAL fans and have not found a better 12 volt fan on the market than SPAL.  Fans are available for sales in the FlowKooler store.

What SPAL fan do I need to cool my vehicle?

The efficiency of your cooling system depends on many factors:
  • Radiator core size (the size of the radiator inside the tanks where the cooling tubes and fins are located.) This space determines the diameter of the fan.
  • Space required for a cooling fan. Our High Performance cooling fans require 3.5-4.5-inches in depth (from the radiator core to the fan motor cap). This distance may be shorter if the cooling fan can be offset on the Radiator to clear the water pump.
  • Radiator design and materials used e.g. Copper.
  • Whether a shroud is utilized: For the most efficient system a shroud should be utilized. Fan shrouds force the fan to pull air across the entire radiator core area.  By contrast, a fan without a shroud pulls only the air in the diameter of the fan.

I see two red wires; do I need to connect both of them to power? Why?

Yes. The small gauge wire supplies power to the processors and logic on the PCB (printed circuit board), while the large gauge supplies power directly to the solenoids through on-board relays.

Who is SPAL?

SPAL is part of a global company with subsidiaries including: the parent company, SPAL, in Correggio, Italy; SPAL Brazil, SPAL Automotive UK, SPAL Russia Limited Co., SPAL India and SPAL China. Founded in Italy, in 1959, SPAL  initially specialized in plastic mold design and production. We have also been designing, producing and marketing high-performance axial fans and centrifugal blowers vehicular, off-road, industrial, construction and stationary product manufacturers for more than 30 years. And since 1985, we have been producing a wide range of aftermarket products such as power window kits, power door locks, vehicle security systems, cameras, monitors and parking sensors. The facility in Italy covers an area of more than 500,000 square feet, accommodates over 500 employees and houses the main engineering, research and development, and manufacturing departments. There are six automated production lines in the facility, which has capacity to produce more than 5 million fans and blowers annually. SPAL's goal is to build the best products in the market, and does so by controlling all areas of manufacturing to ensure the highest quality and performance. Constant focus on research/development has earned us an excellent reputation for high quality, state-of-the-art products.  Customers all require the finest in performance and longevity, which they find in each and every SPAL component. Like the OEM product line, the line of aftermarket products also offers outstanding engineering quality, reliability and universal applicability. SPAL ITALY holds TS16949 certification, which, in conjunction with its ISO 9001 certification, specifies the quality system requirements for the design, development, production and when relevant, installation and servicing of automotive-related products. In addition SPAL's Environmental Management System is certified to UNI EN ISO14001:2004, and also meets the European Directive 2000/53/EC on end-of-life vehicles (ELV). SPAL USA is also is a member in good standing with the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Continuous research and development efforts has earned us an excellent reputation for high-quality products and state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing processes.

What about the 6 Volt?

SPAL does not make a six volt fan.